Who We Are?

The formation of CREEK CRUISES was not just to add one more spoke to the tourism hub of Dubai. It was established in 1995 with the true vision of offering the tourists a real taste of Arabia. The company was named CREEK CRUISES to signify its meaning literally. Dubai creek is the heart of Dubai. The creek was the root of richness during the pre-oil period. In fact the creek has shaped the destiny of Dubai and in turn Dubai has reshaped the creek to its present modern stage.

What We Do?

Cruising along the creek witnessing the landmarks – the wind towers, Sheikh Saeed House, the Heritage Village, the Diving Village, Shindagha tunnel, Creek Golf & Yacht Club and the most modern skyscrapers and the magnificent sights – gives a glimpse of ancient Dubai’s growth from a small settlement town of merchants to its present stage of a most modern cosmopolitan city. And it’s a novel experience to cruise along the creek on Traditional dhow.

Our Speciality

Top Quality Service

Our cruises are managed by highly qualified and experienced staffs in the hospitality sector who has the dedication and passion for customer service.

We have the renowned Chefs for our Cruises who arranges the buffet which is truly world class.

We follow the industrial leading Health and Safety standards and ensure that our dhows are equipped with all safety equipments.

Our Core Values

Our Mission

Creek Cruises is determined to become No.1 Excusion Operator in Dubai and will expand its Services to other destinations that are connected culturally and touristically to its home market.
At Creek Cruises, we are committed to the human touch and the total personalization of all our premium services, We are a toally guest-centric enterprise and our mission is to make sure that our partners clients remain clients when they retrun home. We achieve this as we treat these clients not as reference numbers, but as guests.

Our Values

We are dynamic with specially negotiated rates, unique packages and experiences. We are constantly investigation and innovating with new products. We are guest - centric with our 'Excellence' department looking after every detail including information, iteneries and continuing to check them on a periodic basis.
In constant contact with all our partners. ( offering them advise and specialist knowledg to them promote the destination and raise their sales volumes and market share. Technology driven but with intense personalised human service throughout. Creek Cruises is at the vanguard of hospitality, but always maintain its high level of personalised services and its fast turnaround times.